Succeed Online With Your Own Internet Business

Are you tired of working your 9-5 job, making your boss rich with hardly anything to show for it? So was I, and that is why I sought out an online business opportunity to start making the kind of money I knew I deserved. It took a lot of hard work, but in 2007 my business; was voted the top mentoring team! My team like others as well has shown countless people just like you how to succeed with their online business and make money online!

If you never thought that you could be successful with an online business of your own, think again. With the right guidance and mentoring you can be successful on the online marketing game and earn money online. There are a few ways that are guaranteed to make money and a few ways that won’t. I, like most others started with no experience, and then learned through hard work what marketing solutions really work. People can show you what methods do and don’t work, a good example are leads, stop wasting money on leads that are never converted! Online business builders need to be taught how to utilize advertising and other free resources that will really set their business up for success. With the right mentoring, anyone can succeed with online business. You do not need a huge marketing budget, and lots of money to invest, just a few proven strategies that have worked already.

If you have ever doubted that you could really be successful at making money online, you are not alone. Some of the most successful online business owners weren’t sure where to start, but with the right help and mentoring are hugely successful today. Many people go from web novices to web gurus and they have been profiting ever since. You can gain the knowledge of how to succeed on the internet from someone who has already made thousands doing the same thing. Its nice to be able to say that you profit with online business, BUt that is the problem with most people today. Joining a business is not a get out of work “free card”, meaning their is effort and steps to implement constantly, but with the right guidance anyone can succeed.

Choosing the right team or guidance is far more superior than the right business. What’s the point of having the right business if you do not know how to work it properly. Be smart and spend the time to choose your business and team wisely.

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Thinking Outside the Box for Fair Trade Marketing

Retailers can benefit greatly when they put a little extra consideration into their marketing strategies for the wholesale fair trade items they have added to their inventories. With fair trade clothing this is particularly true, since customers are simply not used to being drawn into a deeper story about the way fair trade standards create more sustainable and ecological communities.

The bigger picture is usually not brought to the customer’s attention. Retailers who realize that this fact is an important asset can go quite far. This is because there are serious advantages to setting your store apart from the crowd. When supported by an educated and motivated sales staff, displays that include some text about fair trade standards are powerful motivators to shoppers. The educated sales staff can sense when customers are concerned with ethical standards. This can be accomplished with simple questions, such as, “are you familiar with fair trade?” or “would you care to learn more about these pieces?”

Other ideas could include choosing displays that highlight both the cultural and environmental advantages of the wholesale fair trade clothing. For example, choosing natural backdrops with some short phrases can show the environmental advantages. One idea is to use tree branches to display scarves. Wholesale scarves can become retail wonders when they are showcased in a way that draws attention to natural dyes and fibers. Photos of artisans making them by hand can help. And it never hurts to include simple phrases in bold type, such as “natural, herbal dyes,” or “made with care for a sustainable world.”

A display can also draw in the customer with a simple list of fair trade standards. A simple search on the internet can give you plenty of options for such a list. I have published condensed lists in other articles for this purpose, but there are quite a few options out there.

Thinking outside the box can convert strong choices in items such as wholesale scarves or other wholesale fair trade items into strong contenders for shoppers’ attention. We can often underestimate our customers’ interest in ethical standards and sustainability. Try sparking some conversation about such things and you will get to know your customers on a deeper level than usual.

Such conversations can lead to deeper understanding of your customers as people, for what they care about and how they want to change their lives and the lives of others. Since these can be such deep, meaningful conversations, you can create a more meaningful experience for your customers. In turn, your store can become a welcoming, unique place that can gather a buzz in various ways.

Understanding Why Document Shredding Services Are Important

If you are a business corporation, you can definitely understand the importance that comes with the proper management of records and documents. When in a business that handles an abundance of accounts and confidential documents, one inevitably has to deal with the shredding of said documents. Document shredding is an incredibly important part of record keeping, because when you are disposing of papers that carry sensitive information, you need to ensure that there is no chance any data could be compromised. It is integral that security needs to be at an extreme premium when getting rid of your documents. An excellent way of boosting your company’s security is by getting the proper document shredding services. Below are reasons as to why you need to pass more than just a cursory glance at document shredding.

Foremost, the security of your company could be compromised when you essentially contract shredding services to any random paper shredding services out there. This is because you run the risk of a quasi-professional entity essentially passing on highly sensitive documents to business rivals of your company. Secondly, your choice should be made wisely because document shredding has the benefit of clearing clutter from your business environment, which promotes a conducive working environment that could possibly translate to higher productivity.

When you enlist the services of a professional paper shredding services firm, you need to ensure that it meets the following benchmarks: Foremost, the service should be a member of an association of information destruction. Under such an umbrella an entity essentially is bound by the professional codes that bind companies involved in document destruction and the information destruction. Secondly, it does well if such an entity follows some eco friendly policies as far as the destruction of documents goes. Thirdly, ensure that the company that you hire for the purpose of paper shredding essentially pursues policies that are designed to secure the integrity of the information that they are destroying. Such policies would include acts such as the destruction of documents on site, amongst others.

It is important to note that when the term document shredding services is used, most people are under the impression that these services are basically limited to the destruction of paper documents – but the service is so much more than that. In this day and age, the tag document shredding services also encapsulates the destruction of electronic data. To this end, the annihilation of electronic data is a must for your shredding company, whether it is a government agency, private company, or any business with some degree of information that is stored electronically.

To this end, a professional document shredding entity not only specializes in the destruction of papers but also electronic records. Computer hard drives, magnetic tapes, credit cards, and all other mediums of information storage should not be left to gather dust or worse. They deserve to be professionally destroyed to provide both you and your clients peace of mind and secure the integrity of your documents. In conclusion, contracting the services of a professional shredding service is a prudent and worthy investment.

Small Business Networking: An Overview

Small business networking is very important to success. You, the computer consultant, are entrenched in the professional services business, which revolves around relationships and thus networking with a large number of people.

You need to make small business networking of the utmost importance when starting your business and take things slowly. You will not get a large number of clients, nor will you get clients that need you immediately when you go to your first big networking event, even though you could come away with five or six really good prospects.

The Key Word Is ?Contacts?

Small business networking offers the opportunity to find good client contacts, but it also allows you to find people that know people who might need you or perhaps have similar business philosophies that would be good to know in the future and might bring you more business.

Once you make contacts of any sort, make sure you follow up and have meetings, proposals and sales calls. This type of small business networking is much better than trying to find emergency, one-shot clients. You can forge paths with people that are or can put you in touch with steady clients capable of long-term support. Even if every networking event doesn’t produce a large number of clients, it can help you get referrals that will improve your ability to conduct productive small business networking.

The key in small business networking is to have a lot of different leads and many contacts at the same time. Some will be ready to jump into long-term client status and some will not at different stages and different times, but keeping in touch with all of them will help you stay in contact with a lot of potential and actual business.

Client contacts and referrals will help you find long-term steady clients that will help your business last for the long term. Even though going to small business networking events may seem a waste of time, you could gain exactly the types of contacts and even clients you need to really drive yourself forward.

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Illawarra Business Success Story Living Her Dream

It somehow seemed appropriate that on a perfect Thursday morning in late July 2011, I should interview Andrea Hope, a lady who is truly “living her dream.” After many years of dedication to the Australian Public Sector, Andrea decided to semi retire in 2010 to follow her .

Over the past 5 to 10 years Andrea has developed a great appreciation, or should that be love, of art. She has visited galleries throughout the UK, France and Italy building an impressive collection of French and Italian art works. Although she has a great love of the French and Italian works, Andrea also has a particular interest in Australian modern art stretching back to the 1920s and earlier.

Andrea is a lady who has had a very interesting and varied life. She has certainly packed more into her working life than the average person. Growing up in Cootamundra NSW, Andrea moved to Canberra when she was first married. After having 2 children and studying, she took on an HR role in the Public Sector commencing in the Bureau of Statistics. Using her degree in Professional Writing, she trained staff in illawarra business Writing, moved into Supervision and Management training and then worked more broadly across other areas of Organisational Development.

From there, Andrea worked for the Health Insurance Commission from the mid 1980s until 2000. Amongst other things she introduced competency based training for all customer service staff while it was still a new concept, introduced the first staff survey, and a performance management system for all 5,000 staff.

In 2001, Andrea changed careers for a short period. She had started framing pictures taken of the family property in Cootamundra and the love of this ability to be creative led her to purchase a picture framing business in Nowra. However, she sold the business when she realized that it was not earning enough for her and returned to Canberra to take on Consultancy work with the Australian Quarantine Service. She implemented a Performance Management System in 6 weeks and then was offered another project in the operational area of AQIS.

Andrea then moved into the role of Deputy Director of Australian National University where she had the opportunity to gain broad exposure to art through the College of Arts, and to attend a number of art appreciation programs. During this time she also worked for the Deputy Vice Chancellor in the area of higher education. She then moved to the Australian Customs Service as the National Staffing Manager, before deciding to move into a cultural organization (the National Library) as she had by then decided to open a gallery when the opportunity arose. It was a lovely way to end her career in the Public Sector, she said.

Surprisingly, Andrea also found time to raise two sons, complete tertiary studies in Professional Writing, Human Resources, Counseling, illawarra business Management and Museum Studies. She has also recently completed an Art Appreciation Course through the Museum of Modern Art in New York (on line) and spent lots of time travelling overseas where her passion for art was nurtured. She told me that she is also still enjoying mentoring managers in the public sector in Canberra.

In November 2010, after spending months visiting towns throughout the NSW South Coast, Andrea settled on Kiama as the ideal place to open her Gallery. She is very impressed with the local artists, some of whom are multi award winners, and their quality of work. The positioning is great for her as she has family in Canberra and Sydney. Since moving to Kiama, Andrea has also joined the committee of the Kiama Art Society.

Many of Andrea’s French and Italian collection, as well as some outstanding local works, can be viewed and purchased from her gallery in Terralong Street Kiama at very affordable prices. She will also frame your artworks, photos, lithographs and prints. Andrea has a clear understanding of how framing supports artworks and she also conducts Art Appreciation Classes.

This was a surprising and rewarding interview. Andrea is a wonderfully engaging person with a genuine interest in art and people. I know little about art but I really enjoyed looking around the gallery and Andrea’s commentary. Drop in and say hello when you get the chance. You will really enjoy the experience.