Strategic Realignment to Affordable Care Organization Model Providers Perspective

“While physicians embark on such transformational healthcare model, their quantum of Medicare reimbursement, and its amicable distribution among themselves is sure going to be complex issue. Given such complex calculation on Medicare reimbursements and qualifying incentives, an external medical billing services that is best acquainted with Medicare environment becomes more pronounced.”

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As time closes in on the Accountable Care Organization model of healthcare under Medicare, physicians across the US are busy realigning their practice models and alliances in congruence with the mandate of Section 3022 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Commencing with January 2012, physician networks intending to participate in the program will be required to enter into an agreement with the Secretary to participate in the program for not less than a 3-year period, and be accountable for quality healthcare to at least 5,000 Medicare beneficiaries.

Coupled with the mandatory agreement with the Program Secretary, physicians also have an ominous task of setting up of mutually complimentary alliances among themselves that can efficiently enable division of diagnosis, treatment, and supervision of their target group of patients. Yet, incentives for keeping Medicare expenditure as minimum as possible will not be guaranteed until and unless the participation physicians:

Commit themselves for evaluation vis-a-vis their ACO’s patients’ health needs Therefore, amidst such governing principles, the intending physicians need to realign their practices in a way that best meets the Accountable Care concept. While physicians embark on such transformational healthcare model, their quantum of Medicare reimbursement, and its amicable distribution among themselves is sure going to be complex issue. Given such complex calculation on Medicare reimbursements and qualifying incentives, an external medical billing services that is best acquainted with Medicare environment becomes more pronounced.


– known for a healthy rapport with Medicare for more than a decade, and self-sufficient in the requisite qualification and competence, such as certification from American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC); expertise in advanced technology interface for medical billing and coding; proficiency in applying standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes, and ICD diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines and HIPAA compliant medical reporting – should be a preferential recourse to physicians on the verge of forming Accountable Care Organization model.

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Effective Ways For a CEO to Relieve Stress

Business meetings, tight schedules, business development activities, conferences, product launches and a heap of other responsibilities leave the CEO and associated management team exhausted, stressed and wanting for some relief out of physical and mental stress.

Here we discuss some ways and techniques that can help the CEO to relieve stress and tension:

Beautify the Surroundings

A chaotic, dimly lit and disheveled office creates negativity and turns the atmosphere gloomy. On the contrary, a well decorated, adequately illuminated and clutter-free office is all you want for a happy beginning of the day.

Some simple Feng Shui tips or adding some living plants to office interior can be enough to make you feel vibrant and energetic the whole day.

Minimize Tech Meltdowns

Technological glitches – system failure, data loss, and slowness – always add to the agony and frustration of the CEOs and the management team.

Hire expert engineers and technicians so as to minimize the downtime due to technical issues.

Make sure your office computers are updated with data recovery systems, latest firewalls and security software.

It will make you feel relaxed and tension-free as far as technical problems are concerned.

Take Time to Relax and Play

Our body and mind has limitations. You cannot expect your body and mind to work continuously day and night.

Give a break to your mind from the hectic work schedule. Indulge yourself in different relaxing activities like exercise, playing and meditation etc.

Here are some effective practices that facilitate healthy and stress-free leaving:

Exercise: Regular exercising helps you stay fit and improves your physical and mental health. Endorphins released as a result of physical activities makes you feel good and enhance your efficiency and performance.

Meditation: According to different researches, meditation helps you live happier, healthier and longer. It has also proved its effectiveness in reducing anxiety and stress, hence enabling you to feel good from within.

Don’t make decisions in haste: Doing too many things at a time leaves your mind confused, leading to a poor decision-making – the most complicated challenge a CEO faces every day. To deal with this problem, take 5-minute walks around the block during the day, clear your head, breathe deeply, and exhale some tension out of your mind.

When you get back to your workplace a few minutes later you’ll feel re-energized, less tensed, and charged up with more creative thoughts.

Make Room for Fun

Some fun-filled moments help you get rid of tensions and stress. Allocate some time for weekly or fortnightly fun activities in the office.

Events like office parties, sports pools, sponsored lunches, fun games, and athletic leagues relieve the stress and facilitate innovative thinking.

Use the Support Network of CEO Clubs

You can get suggestions for running your business smoothly and stress-free at a CEO association.

At CEO peer groups, leaders from non-competitive organizations meet under one roof and talk about strategies for the benefit of their and other’s businesses.

Attending a CEO conference every fortnight can also help you shed some stress and tension.

Have an Exit Strategy

What will happen if the market collapses? Would I be able to recover my losses in crisis?

Fear of failure is a nightmare for any entrepreneur. An effective exit strategy would relieve the nerves of a CEO as far as fear of business failure is concerned.

Make sure you have a cover for your financial losses to walk confidently out of a crisis situation. It will affect your decision making positively

Setting up Business in Kuala Lumpur

Setting up a business in Kuala Lumpur is considered beneficial from several aspects. The opportunities that the place offers for a business to expand have made it greatly popular amongst the corporatists. The business in Kuala Lumpur is also successful due to the excellent real estate value of the place. This statement does not mean that the properties out there are available at suitable prices, instead the prices of properties in KL are roaring equally like any other place. By real estate value in business, it means that premises for business can be set up in advanced manner by taking heed of virtual office & service office Kuala Lumpur.

The concept of service office in KL is similar to that of serviced offices Singapore. The space for offices is developed as per the requirements of the professionals. The service offices offer exact environment & situations to conduct business meetings with foreign delegates or important clients. The service offices are available with complete furnishing to meet the requirements of the business people. These are available on rent for daily, weekly or monthly basis. These offices can be easily found in several prime business locations in Kuala Lumpur. To book one, consulting a real estate sales person can fetch a good deal.

Same is the case with virtual offices. The virtual offices are a boon for those companies, which do not have money to invest in setting up a business in different country. Therefore, these offices give the chance to the business people to expand the business without even worrying about high investment amount. The virtual office just gives virtual presence and allows mentioning the contact address of a particular place in KL. The services of receptionist are also provided with virtual offices. The receptionist attends all the calls, mails & letters and forwards them to the relevant person.

The service office as well as virtual office KL is not only in demand by the native business people but also from foreign corporatists. Such offices offer an excellent option of expanding business with low investment. Hiring such offices is in great trend these days as they have given new dimensions to the business sector. In this competitive era, to make a business survive the cut-throat competition it either requires outstanding strategies or it needs to be expanded.


All in all setting up business in KL is a great opportunity to add growth in business. To do this in low investment taking heed of service or virtual office in Kuala Lumpur is a great go. To search the best location at affordable price, it is advisable to consult a reliable real estate sales person.

Strengths For Business

When the business of the sustainable, you should continue to send forces to improve management. At the heart of a successful business is the ability to work, to achieve results, as compared to how it is done by competitors. For real progress, a business must strive to work better than others. Required to self assess their actions and measure their effectiveness. Even with a stable business can achieve much more. In order to really make a good profit, you need to have ambitions to go to that next level. This is why you should learn to think and act strategically.

Next are the basic principles that allows you to master the strategic business habits.

To improve the competitive advantage, consider the following questions. What exactly do you as a business, can do better than others? What skills do you have and what special about the business, which could provide a basis for competitive advantage? After careful thought, you can see exactly who your direct competitors. Often seen as a competitive advantage of choosing a reasonable and effective in the marketplace. But to make this the best choice when you can only carefully study the business. The choice may depend on the position of the market and of how it presents your products.

A special ability that sets your business compared to other, closely related to competitive advantage. But it is even more important, that means that you have what the competitors do not have. Often, a special ability and characterizes profitability. Often, knowing what it is, you can use it optimally. Special ability can represented skills, experience, advanced technology, resourceful staff. Businessman is very useful to look at the merits of their employees to identify their hidden talents.

Using the principle of synergy, stands as one of the basic principles of strategic thinking. Here, you, as a businessman, you will need to find out what elements can twine, expand, merge, modify, to create a better ability to make money. Exploring the potential use of the principles of growth and synergy, it is a very powerful tool to analyze the business.

Study your competitors to ensure that a clear understanding of how your business fit into the overall industry which you are engaged. You should do that regularly, as business requires readiness to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Create and apply strategic principles necessary not only for the growth of the business, but to maintain existing market positions. Strategic thinking allows a businessman to do careful planning. This can not be mastered at once, but gradually it should. Study of previously aspects of the business, watch, learn, do not hurry, do not make hasty planning, first think. Every business is unique. Only serious research will help to collate the information. When you gradually find areas requiring attention and support, you can take steps to improve them.

In order to form a strategy to not only explore the strengths and weaknesses, and try to see the long-term. Strategy often requires the skills and confidence to identify a suitable case for changes. Implementation of these actions will enable your business to operate more consistently and to lay a solid foundation for further development.

Earn Quick Money ? 3 Traps To Avoid Falling Into

There are very few of us who have not fallen for at least one earn quick money trap while looking for a few ways to make a little extra money at home in your spare time! There are a few simple things that you can look out for that will keep you from falling for or getting sucked in any number of the scams that are running all over the place.

Watch out for upfront fees

It does not matter whether you are looking at earn quick money ads advertising for Secret Shoppers or envelope stuffers; there is one major clue that this might be a scam. If the information that you are reading asks you to send money to the company or individual for either a report or listing of the what Secret Shopper positions are available in your area or which companies are looking for Secret Shoppers; this is a dead giveaway that this is a scam designed only to get money from you. The same is true when it comes of those envelope stuffing positions.

Foreclosure Lists

This is another way that people have gotten scammed. They think that they can earn quick money by buying, fixing up and re-selling foreclosed properties. Sometimes you can earn some quick cash that way if you know what you are doing as well as all of the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Generally you will have to put some of your own money into fixing up distressed or run down properties in order to make them livable once again. The key here is that you can usually get this information from any local real estate agency as well as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (or its equivalent) in your area without having to pay a fee of any kind. Most people in the construction and/or real estate business know where the distressed and foreclosed properties are in the area; just ask them.

Watch Out for the Different Earn Quick Money Methods

This is something else that you really need to watch out for. There are many legitimate ways that you can earn a little extra money from home but there are just as many scams out there as well. There has been an explosion of websites and ads advertising this report or this report that is designed to help you make money or help you avoid being caught up in someone else’s get rich quick scheme. Read everything carefully. If you are being asked to send money to someone (individual or company) you really need to check that person or company out very thoroughly before you even think about sending them any money. There are several good and legitimate reports and information sources out there if you take the time to look them up. Considering the amount of information that is available on the internet; that can be rather intimidating.