One of the Best Birthday Presents

I had a birthday party in Las Vegas, and as a gift, my friends put their money together to get one of those Las Vegas escorts. I consider it to be one of the best birthday presents that I have ever received. I was a bit nervous when I had to meet her, but the escort was really nice and made sure that our meeting wasn’t awkward at all. My friends told me that I would have a fun time with her, and they were right. I’m amazed that I never really thought about getting an escort before, because they sure know how to have fun.

The escort and I went to a club and did a lot of dancing and downed some shots. She had a lot of energy and dancing with her was the most dancing that I’ve ever done. Our hearts were racing all night, and by the time we were done, we had worked up quite an appetite. We went to a restaurant to have some dinner and talk. She was pretty funny and would tell some jokes that made me laugh for minutes. (more…)

How The Internet Can Help You Increase Your Income

If like many millions of retired or semi-retired individuals around the world, you are now worried as to how your retirement income is going to meet the ever increasing costs of living, then this article will, I hope, bring you some inspiration as well as a practical solution to your financial situation.

Whether it be the fall in real estate prices, tumbling stock markets, financial institutions going bust, mortgages and credit being almost impossible to come by, there is hardly any business or any person anywhere on the planet who has not been adversely impacted by the financial meltdown which has occured initially as a result of the US sub prime mortgage crisis.

Pension fund values have been decimated, real estate prices and values have taken a massive tumble, even safe haven assets such as government bonds and cash deposits are not entirely without risk and more importantly the yield on these investments are now meagre due to the world wide downward pressure on interest rates.

Arguably, the sectors of society which have been hit the hardest are those who are now retired and having to live on their usually fixed levels of pension income and existing savings, and those employees whose incomes are also fixed to an hourly rate and simmply cannot earn more via overtime and or bonuses.

In circumstances such as these just how can people resolve the financial pressures which they are now feeling?

Assuming you have cut your costs and removed any unneccesary and frivolous moonthly expenditure, what else can you do?

Cutting your costs can only be taken so far before the only choice left is to consider seriously how you can generate some extra regular sources of income. Easier said than done I know, but millions of people are starting to realise that there are some very practical options in respect of bringing in more income.

The popularisation of the world wide web has truly been one of the most enabling and liberating forces since the invention of the motor car. No matter where you live on the planet, you can connect to the rest of the world and you can communicate and ultimately do business with people all over the world.

The trend towards people starting their own home business is growing at an increasingly rapid pace as millions of people start to become aware of the major benefits of working from home and using the Internet to create a new found source of income and wealth for themselves! Yes, 80 million!

There is probably not one single good or service which cannot be either sold or promoted via an online mechanism. With a global market place, business can be conducted continuously around the clock- truly any time, any place and anywhere.

We truly do live in a global market place and this is now transforming the way business is being conducted, many millionaires have been created simply by using the Internet to distribute products and services.

The real beauty of working online is that this is an opportunity available to virtually anyone. The basic requirements are often no more than access to a computer and a telephone line? The answer is that you can! You just need to do some research and be motivated enough to want to spend a few hours each week, building and developing your new venture.

The advantages of an online business are huge when compared to a conventional bricks and mortar business. No premises to rent or buy. There are some major benefits in running an online business. One of the many would be the absence of employees and all of the associated red tape and bureaucracy which employing people in a real world, bricks and mortar business involves. No inventory to store and ship. No commuting. No boss breathing down your neck.

The list is endless and becomes very exciting the more you think about it.

So where do you start?

Well, if you do a Google Search for “Home Based Businesses”, you will probably find a return which numbers millions of results, all of which represent different business opportunities.

Do your research and consider drawing up a short list of those opportunities which appeal to you and for which you can become enthusiastic and excited about. There is no point representing and promoting a business whose primary products and services are of no real interest to yourself. You need to be able to feel passionate and excited about your new business venture and if you don’t then move on to find something which really does “light your fire.”.

Sure you will find the dross and the potential scam opportunities but moreover, you will also come across genuine, profitable, well managed businesses which are helping customers to solve problems by means of distributing their products and services by Independent Distributors such as yourself.

What’s The Key To Success In Business? Successful Millionaires Know The Magic Ingredient

Ever wondered what the ‘magic ingredient’ for making money might be?

Multi-millionaire, Barbara Corcoran, has her own answer to that question.

A $1,000 loan from a boyfriend and quitting her job as a waitress, was all it took for her to get started.

Now she’s one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the United States, and she’s done it all doing what she loves.

From that small loan, Barbara raised a small real estate firm from the ground and eventually sold it for over $66 million.

Most importantly, she enjoyed every step of the ride.

“I loved every minute of it and I think that was the magic ingredient,” she says.

Barbara is one of 12 self-made millionaires from around the world that I’ve interviewed – and they all said a similar thing: do what you love!

Barbara’s thrived on a life of work – and has made her work her life. The two have intertwined into a point of assimilation. She put herself into a position to enjoy her working hours and squeeze the kind of pleasures out of work that are an asset to the truly successful and truly happy.

“When you’re in something that doesn’t feel like work, it feels like play,” says Barbara. “For me, all it was was socializing with people. I loved being around people, meeting new people, laughing, being out in the street, not having to be locked behind a desk all day.”

Try to corner your business market and your money-making aspirations, as she did, by first getting a leg up on making yourself happy.

Find a job that you love doing, that you look forward to escaping to every day, that you can dump your passion and energy into, and excel at it. Mix your hobbies with your occupation, and a desire to make money, and success will come to you.

If you’re putting energy into something you enjoy, and making the most of it, as Barbara asks, “Why would you not succeed?”

Cheap Call Center Services And Why You Should Avoid Them

Choosing a call center service provider should not be based on how fancy their hardware is but rather on how well they can perform. Consequently, this can be compared to a nice car with all the bells and whistles but finished last on race because of the non efficient driver. These days there are hundreds of companies offering top of the range technology and low-cost call center pricing. Such popular appeals are the $9 dollar an hour caller programs, but buyers be warned, you get what you pay for. Like the need for a talented car driver business require a highly skilled person to get results. It is very unlikely that anyone will spend $9 an hour for a telemarketer and actually get a person that has any sales skills whatsoever. These inexpensive companies hire non-skilled employees with abilities that are restricted to reading the script on their computer units. Their business is built 100% on the “it’s a numbers game rule”, or the fact that if a customer makes enough calls she or he will ultimately close a deal.

When a company starts talking to prospects they would be well served to find a company that has experience running a business to business sales. Representatives that are efficient at selling by phone are 50 times very likely to set a meeting, build a lead or persuade a prospect to make a favorable decision. Make no mistake, at the end of the day it’s all a selling game.

It is advisable to stay far-off from companies that don’t allow a testing period prior to undertaking a long-term expensive commitment. A business that believes in its employees will have no uncertainty allowing a customer to try their services but they should expect to pay approximately $35 to $45 per caller hour. This may seem like a chunk of change but if someone were to calculate the math they would soon discover that doing this in-house would cost around $11 per hour for the telemarketer (plus benefits) and then they still need to build in the administrators, phones, computer units and additional work space.

An in house campaign can run a small business well over $50 hour and if that isn’t reason enough to contract out the work it would also be wise to bear in mind that they may not able to develop a script or find good talent to do what many look at as painfully brutal job with minimal fulfillment. Further, most business don’t know how to operate a call center as well as have no interest in the headaches of the money and time that goes into operating one.

Adult Stem Cells Triggering Growth of US Stem Cell Market

According to our latest report, entitled “US Stem Cell Market Analysis”, the US is one of the major stem cell markets in the world, and the country has been witnessing a significant level of positive development over the past few years. The market has been well supported by factors, such as huge investment, strong demand, and rising disease incidences.

Though at its nascent stage, adult stem cells products market is booming at a fast pace. Adult stem cell are being widely used in therapy and research purposes, as there are no ethical and legal issues involved with its use. New products in different areas (such as cardiovascular, lung disorders, and diabetes) are therefore, expected to enter the market by the end of 2013, and drive the market of adult stem cell product further to reach around US$ 615 Million, growing at a CAGR of 37.8% during 2010-2013.

The report, “US Stem Cell Market Analysis”, provides an effective analysis and depiction of the US stem cell market, making use of reliable statistics and proper content flow. The report illustrates the current market trends and their impact on the future industry performance. It also investigates several clinical trials in the country that are making use of stem cells for the development of advanced treatments.

The research is intended to facilitate consultants, industry analysts, and vendors to obtain an in-depth knowledge of the current, past, and future performance of the industry. It provides an extensive analysis of the recent trends of the US stem cell market along with impartial analysis considering the impact of financial crisis on its performance. Overall, the report offers a comprehensive analysis of the entire stem cell market in the US.

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About RNCOS:

RNCOS specializes in Industry intelligence and creative solutions for contemporary business segments. Our professionals study and analyze the industry and its various components, with comprehensive study of the changing market behavior. Our accuracy and data precision proves beneficial in terms of pricing and time management that assist the consultants in meeting their objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Understanding the Characteristics of the Best Motivational Speakers

A motivational speaker is a person who can create a magical effect to an unmotivated group. His speeches are full of inspiration and captivating words that beholds the audience and gives them the strength to handle the difficult situations in life with a positive stride. If you are businessmen or manage an organization then it is a good idea to organize speeches from versatile and powerful speakers at corporate events at your company. These speakers hold a wide experience and understand the situation the listeners might be facing. Therefore their lectures are directed directly to the listeners and hit their emotional chord and inspire them for a life time. The characteristics to look for while selecting a speaker for an event are.

An inherent sense of motivation and optimism

It is the primary quality of any American motivational speaker. They need to be persuasive in their approach such that they can drive the audience towards their best. The best speakers in this field are immensely self motivated and have mastered the art to live a happy life despite the hardships they may have faced. Their social and personal accomplishments vouch for their talent. Their talks are optimistic with a good compelling factor such that the audience can feel related and boost their morale.

Connection with the Audience

A person can only motivate others if they hold an inherent quality to connect. The greatest speakers till date such as Muhammad Yunus speaking have the ability to connect and exude a vibe such that he is one with the people in the room. A humanitarian and a Nobel peace prize winner, Muhammad Yunus’s charm and struggles attract the listeners and drive them towards success. These speakers utilize humor and develop their speeches in the form of interesting stories about their past failures to show the audience that they too have faced problems in life.

A Charming Voice

A captivating voice is actually 90 percent of the delivery. It is so because a good voice resonates throughout the hall and delivers the message acurately and effectively to the listeners. These speakers talk clearly and keep the right pace their words such that it could be easily understood by all. A well carried speech with an engaging voice is the best tool to reach the audience.

These qualities form an inherent character of any motivational speaker and should be looked into while looking for one. You can also utilize the services of keynote speaker’s bureau to match the right one for you. These bureaus are helpful if you wish to change the management speakers at an event. The bureaus comprises of a professional team that can handle any international event effectively.