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PLR Products – Make Your PLR Products Stand Out!

Any true marketer who markets products online realizes the power of plr products. Private label rights is a hot thing in the online-marketing world as it basically saves the hassle of creating products from scratch. One who is venturing into the internet marketing world would be none worse for the wear by investigating just how popular private label rights is and, if you are considering creating a legitimate product of your own, then you need to consider using quality plr products as the foundation for your winning product.

Let’s face it, not everybody is capable of producing a top notch product or content, especially in a niche which they are not truly passionate about but rather are more interested in profiting from. This is where plr products become a very powerful tool. By using content with private label rights, you are gaining a license to reuse the material at your disposal however you wish. This is handy if you have little knowledge in your chosen niche but thanks to plr products, you can leave the handy work to the content-creators and simply take their work and revamp it to make it your own.

So how can you take an existing private label rights product and make it uniquely your own? Well there are a few ways to change up and recreate plr products. You could consider creating a sales-page if you are handy with graphics software. Or you could take the content if it’s in the form of a book and put it into your own words and turn it into an autoresponder series or put it up on your blog in daily or weekly instalments to keep your blog readers interested.

You could also consider taking plr products and turning them into audio books. People love to listen just as much as they love to read. You could also add the plr products and, if the private label rights license allows, take sections from the chapters, rewrite them, and plug them into your own book. You could also even recreate the product and sell it as a new product with private label rights. That means add a new cover, perhaps add a sales-page, add some audio, etc. It’s always a good idea to rewrite plr products in your own words as unique content is always a plus in the search engines.

Another possibility to consider is to bundle the product with other similar plr products and create a special sale for your members. If you run a blog or website or need a product in order to collect leads, you can put together a collection of plr products and give them away for free or for a special price.

So you obviously can realize the enormous potential of private label rights, be it graphics, website templates, ebooks, audio tracks, etc. You can find private label rights content for just about anything. The market is enormous so before you considering diving into a niche and thinking about the struggles of developing a product, do a search for private label rights and you just might find some ultra high quality plr products which can help make your life much easier.

The Hidden Job Market a Book Review

Jay Conrad Levinson and David E. Perry, authors of Guerrilla Marketing For Job Hunters start their discourse with a description of The Hidden Job Market. When an employer wants to find, for example, an engineer with experience with brake and exhaust systems, he might place an ad and hope a qualified applicant sees it, at some cost to the employer, or he can do a Boolean search with the Google search engine with the following string: intitle:resume brake.system exhaust.system education -jobs -apply -submit mechanical In this way he will find a large number of engineers with the sought for experience and education in an instant and save tons of money in advertizing fees in the process.Employers often do just that when they have a job to fill, therefore, those who have profile or about me pages on Facebook, linkiden and similar sites will come to the employer’s attention as soon as he does the search.

Many employers use this approach these days because posting in traditional ways requires the avalanche of resumes they would get from ads must tracked and filed and replied to because of Affirmative Action laws. Most employers don’t want the time and expense involved. If you doubt the Boolean string brings the described results paste it into the Google search engine and see what comes up. The pages belonging to qualified engineers that will appear shows not many are using this form of job finding.

Then say the authors there are millions of unposted job openings in America today. To get a look at what is typically available click the following link: Copy and paste the link into your browser to see the list of available jobs. Once there click on the link that says Job Openings And Turnover Survey to see the list.

So, in the introduction of this book the authors give a verifiable link to a government site that list several million available jobs in America each month and also start to explain why many of the jobs out there are not listed in the newspapers and employment agencies and go to explain how the average independent job seeker can tap into the “hidden job market.” The book also explains how a job seeker can and must distinguish himself from the hordes of other job seekers using marketing principals that work for individuals as well as they work for corporations. In addition, the link to a free Facebook page building software is given along with an explanation on how to best set up your social media pages to be found by employers in the hidden job market. The importance and particulars of targeting keywords, also called search terms in your social media pages is also given. The term keywords is the name given to the words people put into the Google search engine when they are looking for something specific. It sounds plausable then that a hidden job market does exist as described and if knowlegable one has a good chance of finding a place of employment with it

The Pros And Cons Of Business Partnership Revenue Shares

There are many different ways to reward a partner that drives new sales and supports your company’s growth. One of the most popular is to share a percentage of the revenue that is generated by the relationship. The following are some of the pros and cons to a revenue share in a business partnership. Certain deals will require very specific revenue amounts to be shared which ultimately will be the primary benefit the partner sees in the relationship. Other times your business may be able to offer additional benefits that can reduce the need for revenue sharing or eliminate it altogether.

Pros of Revenue Shares in Business Partnerships

Cash is King – Every company is seeking to increase their bottom line. By including an opportunity to generate more cash simply by virtue of forming the partnership, revenue shares will ensure that both companies are serious about the relationship.

Incentive for Sales Teams – When doing a business partnership with a company that will be assigning sales teams it is critical that they are motivated. And the best motivation provided to sales teams is the potential to earn large commissions.

Partnership Pays for Itself – Many business partnerships are formed for reasons aside from just a revenue share but when there are other costs associated with the relationship such as marketing expenses revenue sharing will help to cover those costs.

Cons of Revenue Shares in Business Partnerships

Loss of Focus – There is a chance that the emphasis will strictly revolve around the elements of the business partnership generating immediate revenue. However; sometimes these relationships are developed to pursue longer term goals or collaborate on innovation. If there exists an immediate opportunity for revenue shares on existing products or services the sales team may lose focus on the intended longer term goals of the relationship.

Accounting & Reporting – There will be significant time devoted to accounting and reporting the partnerships closed deals and final prices when a revenue share is involved. If there is not a well thought out and efficient system in place that clearly defines how both sides gather and retrieve information this will increase the possibility of errors and incorrect reports which in turn cause doubt about either partner’s ethics and strain the relationship that otherwise would provide many additional benefits.

There are many pros and cons concerning using a revenue share as part of any business partnership. As long as both partners clearly understand what incentives are included in the relationship for each to honor in the agreement then things will work out well. Keep communication open and discuss any issues around potential revenue shares so that the additional money doesn’t adversely impact the relationship.