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Green Public Relations Be Green Be Seen

It is no secret that our world is changing. We’re undergoing a dramatic shift as consumers are behaving in more environmentally sustainable ways. Of course, while saving precious resources and our environment, there are opportunities for companies. Opportunities that have created another type of “green” for PR professionals – green public relations.

Stop and consider that…

* 89 percent of consumers choose brands aligned with a social cause

* 74 percent pay attention to brands aligned with a social cause

* 69 percent shop for brands aligned with a social cause

* And 66 percent recommend brands aligned with a social cause

If you’re not engaging in green public relations, you may be losing sales each and every day and doing irreparable harm to your corporate reputation (and, perhaps, your company’s stock price). In undertaking a Green Public Relations campaign, you should understand that it should be more than “window-dressing” or “lip service” – such as the annual clean-up day (which coincides with Earth Day and consists of employees wearing slogan-bearing T-shirt and photo ops for your CEO). Environmental activists as well as the media tend to see through such things. Instead, hire on a firm experienced in green public relations.

Effective green public relations strategists specialists won’t just report your news, they’ll help you create it. There are many ways you can contribute to the “greening” of the environment and a savvy and experienced green public relations firm can help. If your product or service isn’t green, green public relations can get you involved in environmentally-oriented fundraisers or event affiliations. If your company is donating proceeds to environmental causes, green public relations professionals will make it known.

A consistent release of news, blog posts and media pitches should be central to your Green Public Relations efforts. Whether its placing stories covering the launch of a new product or service, investor events, fundraising and venture financing, staff announcements, strategic acquisitions, profit reports, or even benefit studies, generating consistent and positive exposure is essential for green public relations. All green public relations efforts should incorporate social media. Interacting with media and the public via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube content and involvement can only help burnish your reputation as a good corporate citizen.

Gaining investor confidence and appeal for venture capitalists, private equity and mergers and acquisitions through successful green public relations efforts is also critical for advanced green technologies that require funding into order to complete studies and implementation.

Disregarding Need of Business Plans

Many owners are in habit of preferring research reports instead of making strategic business plans. In this, dozens of pages are written about the market, competition, SWOT analysis, financial projections, etc. but the projections do not help in getting funds from the markets or attract any new businesses. They do not guarantee results. So is it of any use?

Any incomplete plan is good for nothing. It must cover at least the major three area without which it will be of nil use. Or even the ultimate power will lead to lesser results. The first thing it should contain is sound strategic foundation which sets vision and goals for the business. Secondly, it identifies the set of priorities that’s helps to make strategic foundation a reality. Finally, all the elements are put together for action and accountability plan detailing what is to be done by whom and when to finish those set goals.

Some impatient businessmen try to jump directly into strategic business plans or skip any of these elements in between. The result will definitely leads to ambiguous flow of plan in an unnatural way loosing all consistent strategic vision.

A strategic business plan holds a different prospective from a plan whose goal is to lift money from investors or lenders. For answers to investors you need to look into what are your opportunities and what is your management’s ability to take benefit of those opportunities. You need to look into your sources to execute plans effectively. Also one need to consider facts that will persuade investors of your risks in which they are investing.

So a business plan for investors is what able to take advantage of the opportunity in order to seek significant rewards for everyone involved. Business plan is what keeps all strategies on track. It should only be designed to help you achieve your numbers. Do only what you can achieve. Failures will only de-grade your reputation and goodwill in the market. Set targets that you can achieve and accept projects that you can complete. Passion is small gateway to reach targets of success but desperation will lead to losses.

Email Marketing: 5 Reasons You Must Start Doing It Today

Do you want to market your business for fractions of a penny per message?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to your small business. You can achieve outstanding results with email marketing, while investing only a small amount of time and money. Combine that with the potential to target more precisely than direct mailings, that’s a real win for the small business owner.

In tough economic times, it is crucial to continue marketing your business, and maximize the marketing dollars you’re spending. Email marketing is a perfect way to keep your business in front of your customers’ and prospects eyes!

Sometimes, people unfamiliar with email marketing get nervous about it because the first thing they think about is spam, or they’ve heard that most people don’t open their email, right?


Targeted mailings that pique interest result in high email open rates, and an opportunity to build relationships with your customers and make some sales. As for the spam issue, mailing only to people who have given you permission to do so minimizes the risk of being labeled a “spammer”. Using myself as an example, I have mailed thousands of emails to my clients, and prospective clients, and have not had one spam complaint.

Following is a list of five reasons you must start email marketing now!

1. Email marketing is inexpensive.

Email marketing is an affordable way to stretch a tight marketing budget. Unlike direct mail, there is virtually no production, materials or postage expense. Email marketing can cost as little as fractions of a penny per email.

The expenses involved in email marketing involve having a hosted website with email capacity. You may also want to consider subscribing to a list management service, such as Constant Contact or aWeber, to help manage your email campaigns. The fees for this service range from about $15 to $20 per month, which includes unlimited emails.

2. Email marketing is highly targeted.

You can easily segment your email database into different groups, so that your promotions go to individuals most likely to respond to your offer. For example, you may send one offer to existing clients, and send a different one to prospects who’ve expressed interest in your products or services.

3. Email marketing is proactive.

Email marketing enables you to proactively communicate with your existing customers and prospects, instead of passively waiting for them to return to your website or storefront.

It is a highly effective way to communicate promotional offers, news, seminars, which may result in an increase in sales, drive traffic to your website or store, and develop customer trust and loyalty through relationship building.

Sending out a monthly email campaign will keep your business in front of your customers’ and prospects eyes.

4. Email marketing generates an immediate response.

Promotional emails include a call to action that can result in immediate responses. Initial campaign responses generally occur within 48 hours of the time the email campaign is sent; testing and refining your campaigns is immediate. If you use a list management service, you can gauge the open rates of your email campaigns, which provides useful and immediate information you can use to tweak your campaign messages.

5. Email marketing is easy.

The Web-based email marketing products available to small businesses are easy to use. The services available through Constant Contact and aWeber, as well as others, include professional HTML templates, list segmentation and targeting capabilities, as well as automatic tracking and reporting of your email campaign effectiveness, such as for open rates, bounces, and spam reports.

If you’re not a “techie”, have no fear. You don’t need a Webmaster or technical person on staff to handle the development and distribution of your email campaigns.

Email marketing works because it allows precise targeting of your marketing message, it builds loyalty and trust with your customers, it is inexpensive, and best of all, it drives sales. Include email marketing in your arsenal of marketing tools!

Copyright 2008, Bonita L. Richter

How to Delegate

For some of us, delegation of work, responsibilities and rights of other people especially hard. Often, the owner knows how each aspect of the business. Delegation means that others can make decisions that involve expenditure of money the owner or general manager. In fact, when a lot of responsibilities focused on the control, it means that the business does not work as effectively as we would like. The number of errors is also reduced to a minimum when there is a fresh look from the side.

At a minimum, you need to delegate sufficient authority to ensure that the work to assistants, taking the lead, were able to keep the business in action even in the absence of leadership.

How to control those who bear the responsibility and authority, and how to train them in self-improvement? How important is it to allow the competent assistants used in your own style, rather than insisting on the need to act your methods?

Let others take care of the details. This is, in general, and it makes sense to delegate work and responsibility. In theory, the same principles for the operation of the business through other people use, no matter where there are a few employees and a senior assistant and where there is a large personnel and several managers. That is to apply these principles in practice, it may be more difficult.

Delegating more often studied in practice. Some insist on controlling every nuance and rarely set aside time to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Other in words how would adhere to this idea, but in a business operated by one person. They give their mates a lot of responsibility, but almost never grant.

When an employee is required to consult for each to decide not, it the very meaning of the delegation. In fact, it may slightly complicate the idea in general. Not only do you have to make a decision, while not being available to date information on daily business activities. While your coworker or manager, on the other hand, may know this information.

However, you should know exactly how far you allow another person to make decisions that directly or indirectly related to the cost of business?

There’s no simple answer. Sometimes, as an owner or manager, you have to act in the same manner as you would yourself. Sometimes the answer involves trial and error. It is also possible that you prefer first to approve the decisions taken by an employee with a certain authority. On the other hand, a manager or an assistant can not make a decision that he made without your approval. That is why the existence of open communication is so important. When possible people who delegated authority should have direct access to you for questions and advice. They must always be aware of their role in the company, and specific problem. They should have a good understanding of the rules and regulations of the company, as well as your opinion on how the business should operate.

You should also make sure that the owners, other managers, employees, partners and customers know what level of authority granted to a person.

Whom to delegate

Employees who are you going to delegate responsibility and authority should be competent in technical fields for which are involved. In addition, a person who holds an important position of manager must be able to plan, manage and coordinate the work of others.

A manager should possess three qualities, these include: the initiative, interest and imagination. Head of Department must have sufficient initiative to support things in motion. Managers do not have to say, for example, that he was convinced that his employees come to work on time.

The manager must understand the company, its policies, the target audience, the owners of the product, and employees. An employee in a similar position should respect those who worked with him and those who buy products from the company. This person should be confident in your abilities and persistent in solving problems and, if necessary, to discuss the issues with the authorities. The manager must know and observe the proper management structure that exists in the company.

And do not forget about the personal characteristics. A key manager must have the strength to overcome the resistance, if necessary, and should be friendly, accessible, so you’ll enjoy working with the same level and in subjection.

Stipulate the degree of delegation

Competent employees want to know why and for whom they are being held accountable. Make sure that the responsibilities and authorities, at least in general terms, set out to managers and other employees. In this way, you reduce the chance of confusion, mistakes, and resistance.

Maintaining control

With responsibility comes the ability to control. When managing others, you accept responsibility for the maintenance of control, which is accomplished through the establishment of subordinate liability for their actions, as well as test results.

Strive for balance

Not need to control every movement of the manager, but should not be very remote. Feedback is needed. Keep yourself informed. Written reports, regular meetings and informal checks by phone, email or in person, will provide an appropriate level of feedback at the right time. We need to clearly know what the feedback form you use, what kind of information is needed in this case, when and how often you need to cook it.

Train personnel

Delegation does not end with the establishment of good control. It also requires an element of training as the ability to drive is not automatically acquired, especially for employees who do not have such experience. You have to teach it, and to do it according to how you want your business to function.

It is equally important to make sure that you are providing managers with the facts necessary to make informed decisions.

Make sure your manager is fully aware of what you’d expect. Sometimes your words are not enough to accurately reflect your thoughts, and not every study with the same pace and using similar methods. Ask questions that show how much they understood what was discussed, and make sure that they are free to appeal to you for clarification.

First of all, listen. Often we are very involved in what we say and hardly listen to the other person. But man, in order that he could improve, it is important to explain the reasons for learning.

Involve personnel in the work

Stand back and look at the effect of the delegation. To delegate work, you must provide your managers to do things their own way. Do not judge your assistants to the extent that they are doing some work in the way you do it. Should be evaluated before their results, not methods.

No two people are exactly alike react in certain situations. Be prepared to see people take actions that may differ from your own. Of course, when the assistant is too away from the adopted policy of the company, you need to get it back.

Also keep in mind that when you second guess your assistants, you run the risk of reducing their self confidence. However, when the results prove its effectiveness, it is best to avoid the oversight of every move he makes.

Keyword Rich Content And Article Marketing Is The Ticket!

One of the cheapest, easiest and fastest ways to bring free organic traffic to your website is by article marketing. The three biggest things that will make your website a big hit as it continues to grow is: popularity, navigation, and good content

Navigation is in the hands of the Webmaster. However, popularity and content is all you baby! The more value you offer in your articles and the more articles you submit the more popular you will become.

The web is controlled by search engines and they are information junkies (often referred to as internet spiders). And like any junkie, they are forever searching for the next fix. When a search engine gets high on some good content it rewards its owner (YOU) by promoting a websites ranking which generates the always welcome organic (free) traffic. And traffic is the life support of internet.

The internet spiders are hungry! They need to be fed!

Make sense?

Your content needs to have certain requirements to have any real value. Search engines find search requests from users by using a system that uses keyword rich information that incorporate keywords into the body of your written content. If you have not taken the time to do keyword research or if you hate writing then I’d suggest hiring a skilled writer to do it for you. It will pay off in the long run!

Writing content just to have content out there without using keywords will be a humongous waste of your time. (Unless you are someone who just loves to write for the sake of writing or for your personal Blog) The competition is so vast people will never find you.

Let me try to explain…

If you were to write about “how to make money online” you’ll see that the Google search results come back saying there are roughly 127,000,000 results. Ummmm… good luck getting found for those keywords. The only people getting all the traffic are the ones on the first few pages.

But, if you were to render it down and be more specific and let’s say write about “make money online selling Avon hair products”, Google returns 19,600 search results.

Chances of you getting on Page one of Google for that will be much much easier and happen faster as you submit more articles. You will be targeting a specific audience and putting your keyword rich content in front of the right people. (If that was what you were marketing.) But you get my point right?

Targeted Traffic + Conversions = Profit!

You can’t just mention your keywords once or twice either. I’ve been told so many different numbers to use for keyword density, I honestly don’t know for sure which one is the correct number to be following… I’ve heard anywhere from 3% up to 10% but I don’t know for sure so I aim somewhere in the middle. If you do know leave me a comment, please and thank you!

That’s why it’s crucial to do your keyword research, find your target audience within your niche.

I kind of got off topic a bit but I got on a roll with explaining the importance of keywords rich content if you want to try article marketing but hey, sometimes it happens…

I know there are different tools out there you can use to do your keyword research some free, some you have to pay for. I use Google Adwords: Keyword Tool it’s free and it works just fine for me.

I hope I was able to offer you some value with this article especially to those of you just bursting on the scene.

Just so you know… I didn’t do one lick of keyword research for this article, I’m not trying to get ranked for it, I just wanted to give my readers some good information, oh hey… don’t forget to let me know about the keyword density % if you know it. Thanks

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