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How To Legitimately Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online, it is just a matter of sorting through the scams. If it sounds to good to be true – it probably is. There is no way to make thousands overnight (except winning the lottery). And if a company asks for an upfront payment for a “starter-kit” or anything similar, odds are it is not legitimate.

Real ways to make money online require some kind of work and/or effort, but many offer flexible hours and the ability to work at home. The following are legitimate online “jobs” that can provide a decent supplementary income:

Writing online can be very profitable. Writing articles for websites or hubs can bring in anywhere from $1 to thousands of dollars depending on the quality of the content and the website or hub providing the payment. Some websites pay per word, others pay per article, and some even allow the author to collect a payment every month based on how many people view the article.

Data entry / transcription is a great option for people who are good at typing. There are many forms of data entry / transcription. Some of which include filling out forms with given information, typing the words spoken on an audio recording, and medical transcription. Some of these will require experience or education, and some simply require fast, accurate typing. Payments can be issued on a pay per form or transcription, pay per minute, pay per hour, or pay per word basis.

Taking surveys can eventually accumulate some noticeable cash. Surveys are usually opinion based and vary in topic. Getting paid to take surveys requires patience, but can definitely add up to some extra spending money. A downside to taking surveys for cash is that they usually require a minimum payout, meaning that until earnings reach a certain point you cannot receive a payment.

Some companies offer full and part-time online positions for customer service. The job descriptions will vary company to company, but usually fall between similar categories. Generally applicants will be responding to customer needs by email or live chat. These customer service jobs usually require set hours, great organizational skills, and an in-home office. The pay for these jobs varies by company but is usually an hourly wage.

Creating a website, online business, or blog can be very profitable and eventually turn into passive income. However, this will not happen overnight or even after months in some cases. The initial work can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Ways to profit from a website, online business, or blog are: selling a product or service, allowing many types of advertisers on your site, using a program such as Google ad sense, receiving donations, and much more. In the long run this is an excellent choice for those seeking a passive income.

5 Tips to Help You Succeed in Building Your Own Business Or Start Up

Starting your own business is a huge financial risk. It is also a huge responsibility. At first, you start off with just a couple of assistants. But as you build strategies and manage costs, a Virtual Assistant [VA] can be a huge asset to your new business. Not only will a VA help you with time consuming administrative tasks, they will also charge you less than what you would pay a personal assistant.

Here are 5 steps to building an effective business and the number of ways a VA can help you with them.

– Establish your presence online. Any business needs to establish their presence online, even if it’s a local business that does not sell products or offer services online. Potential clients/customers like to look up your website to get to know more about your business. It lets them know that you are genuine and gives them the opportunity to go through terms and conditions, policies and special offers. So hire a good SEO who will not only design a user friendly website but also help you appear on the first page of search results when users search on related keywords. A VA can not only be the point of contact between the SEO and you but also help you monitor how the website generates traffic.

– Invest in SEM (search engine marketing) or online advertising. There are online advertising programs such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads that can help you reach your target audience with the myriad targeting options they offer. A VA can help your create campaigns, create keyword lists and review ad performance.

– A VA can help you create and manage your own business page on Facebook and Twitter. These two online media giants will not only help you reach potential clients but also help you network online with them. These users provide honest and useful feedback which could be instrumental in improving revenue and increasing customer satisfaction.

– Hire A- Level Players. Hire someone who is just as smart if not smarter than you. The general tendency is that A Level players hire B level players and they in turn hire C Level players. However, a team of smart individuals can not only help you implement ideas effectively and easily, they can also come up with good revenue generating ideas themselves. For a business to flourish and sustain itself, innovation is crucial. And the people you hire play a key role in innovating and achieving the goals and objectives you have set for your business. A VA can not only review resumes for you, they can also conduct telephonic interviews – short listing the most suitable candidates.

– Set day to day goals and establish a review system. Establish a review process at the end of each day that helps you determine whether you have met deadlines and if you need to do anything differently. A Virtual Assistant can not only help you keep a record of the goals for the day but also keep a record of the review.

Set Up Your Online Business For Less

Are you starting an online business with a small budget? That’s OK. Online businesses are one of the lowest cost businesses to run – if you know what you need to pay for and where to go.

Follow these suggestions for getting your website set up inexpensively while not sacrificing quality. There are some things you need to pay for (and this will tell you how much) and other things you can do just as well for free.


There’s no reason to pay more than $10 for a domain name, so feel free to shop around. Domains are important because they give you credibility as a business.

Free websites do not enable you to have your own domain name so instead you end up with instead of . See the difference? Your customers expect you to put some money into your business and this is a clear tip off that you are not doing that – and for $10, why shouldn’t you?


Hosting plans vary considerably. Much of what you pay for will be determined by the features your hosting account provides with its service.

Are you setting up a simple, one page site? You could probably use a low cost host for $5 per month. Do you need some extra help with templates and layout or expect a high amount of traffic or downloads? You may have to pay more but it can be well worth the extra expense to have integrated webpages already set up or to ensure your host is providing you with enough bandwidth to handle the traffic on your site.

Never use a free host, unless perhaps you want to start with a blog or similar format while you get your own website up and running. Free hosting usually means you pay in other ways – lack of a domain name or a lack of quality. Many free hosting accounts are for personal use only and do not allow commercial accounts. Try to get recommendations from others when looking for a good host.


As previously mentioned you can find professional templates on some hosting services. These can give your website a professional polish without the expense of hiring a designer. You are limited, however, on the look you choose depending on the variety of designs available.

Templates are also available to others so your site may have the same appearance as someone else. If you need custom work done consider hiring a freelance web designer from a site like or ask a local student studying web design. Freelance sites often put you in touch with new designers who will charge less while building on their experience and adding to their portfolio.

Spending money wisely is important when starting any business, but some free services will cost you in reliability or image. On the other hand there are some cheap deals you may not hear about so don’t give your hard earned money (or worse – your credit) for a service you can pay less for and get the same results.

How Sweeping a Floor Taught me a Valuable Lesson in Productivity

Sometimes you learn strange things in strange circumstances and because of the circumstances they stick with you forever. This is one of those things. In this case, it became a life lesson that has shaped me profoundly. It takes a while to get to the point but I hope it affects you as much as it affected me.


I was around 19 or 20 years old at the time and that puts us way back in the early 1970’s. I was just out of High School, which I did not finish. I was building a Maintenance and Property Management Company at the time. Part of the business was a window-washing route that I used to do once a week. I had a route that I could walk and do windows as I went. By the end of the day, I could make a couple hundred dollars, cash, and a good days wage back then. Part of the process was to pick up cleaning and maintenance jobs along the way.


One day I picked up a new window contract. It happened to be a jewelry store. I also asked them if they wanted a price for cleaning their floor. They said yes. I quoted $6.00 to wash the floor. They said great. They wanted it done as soon as possible and because I had some time, I said I would do it right then and there. I started to sweep the floor and as I was working away, I noticed the owner, an older gentleman, watching me very intently. I went on sweeping away and when I was finished, started to wash the floor.


The owner walked over to me and in a calm friendly voice said, “Let’s take a look at the floor”. That’s when I knew I was in trouble. Let’s set the stage. I was around 20 years old, almost 6 feet tall, in good shape, athletic, pretty full of myself, even back then. The owner was in his late 70’s, frail, about 5″7, hunched over, and maybe weighed about 130 lbs. He took the broom from me and proceeded to show me how to sweep a floor. I had swept hundreds, maybe thousands of floors but here was this guy showing me how to do it, his way. He was methodical, careful and when he was finished, proudly showed me a good dustpan full of dirt that I had missed.


Then he said to me “there is no job so simple that with some care can’t be done better”. At the time I do not think that it impacted me as much as it did as time went on. There is a lot that can be taken from this simple incident. The gentleman in question was named Sam. He was Jewish and fled Hungary in the late 1950’s with his wife and whatever he could sew into the lining of his pockets and clothes. He was a true craftsman and artist, yet he took the time to show me that there was a right and a wrong way to do something, even something as simple as sweeping a floor.


How does this relate to Productivity? For now I will just say it relates by setting a standard that I operate under; a standard that has me always searching to find a better and more efficient way of doing whatever I’m doing at the moment. It has created in my mindset the philosophy that regardless of how we are doing any job, task or activity today, there IS a better way and we should always be searching for that better, more efficient way. Increasing your productivity isn’t about using your back; it’s about using your mind.