7 Reasons You Should Not Host Your Business Website On Personal Computer

If you rephrase the question and ask is it possible to host my business website on my computer, the answer would be yes.

If you are asking from technical point of view you can, but should you?


There are a lot of problems associated with hosting your website on your computer. If you host your web site on your computer, visitors would have to connect directly to your computer to see your website and that’s not a good idea.

* It would not be secure. Internet is full of threats and unless you spend a fortune your computer would always be vulnerable to all kinds of threats. Security problems are sometimes found in server software, and these can be exploited to gain access to or damage your files. Your computer must be kept absolutely up to date. That is a daunting task. * If you want your site to be available on 24 hour basis, your computer needs constantly connected to the Internet. Your machine would be working day and night. This puts more strain on your bandwidth. * It might appear to but it will not save you money. Rather it may cost more in the long run. * It won’t save you time. Apart from building your business, you would also need to maintain your server. * You would need to learn a lot about working of a server and things like DNS, web server setup, security, debugging problems, logs, patching the server software. I think you should put that time in use to grow your business. * If anything breaks, it is your own responsibility to find the problem and fix it. And meanwhile your site would be down. * You would need to monitor your server all the time. You cannot leave for a project and then come back to find that your site is not working.

Remember! You came into this business because you wish to make a wealthy future and become independent enough to get out of that job routine rut. There is no point in starting a venture that would eat all your time and put you in a constant job again.

You started your business because you wish more time for yourself and your family.

Web hosting companies are professional in this and it is good for your business that you host your site with a hosting company. For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy a good hosting without any attached headaches.

The best reason to host your web site at home is to learn how does it work but for your business it is important to learn marketing skills rather than how a server functions.

Leave that to the geeks. Host your site with a hosting company and concentrate on your business.

An Overview of Family Offices Asia

Singapore provides one of the world class facilities in living, transport and recreation. Their government has introduced many simple investment policies, infrastructure benefits to attract the businesses. It is not surprising that many family offices Singapore are making headlines in the newspapers with ever-increasing targets of wealth. Family offices Hong Kong created a big wealth because of huge capital market in Asia. Being one of the financial capitals of China which practices free-market which is a key to many successful businesses around the world, it is witnessing a huge rush of family offices. Due to the success level, they also enjoy lower tax rates and tax policies during budget preparation. There is also allocation of funds from the government to provide all the facilities to promote the business.

As with their businesses which are more centric to their own expertise, it is difficult to manage the funds and wealth in other sectors. To manage a business is different thing and to manage the overall wealth is other thing. The wealth management system forms a family advisory group which provides you increased reliable services for tax issues, funding, securities, charities, investments and insurances. The family wealth plays an important role in overall business management also. As it is an important monetary asset, it is required to be grown on a regular sustainable manner. Wealth management gurus have experience that is expanded globally. Having worked with major enterprises, banks, investment firms, they have in depth knowledge about the investment of the money for long-term in the sustainable activities. These activities may or may not be of interest to the client but brings a good amount of return of investment.

Another important role it plays for Family offices Asia is that if your family office is scattered and expanded all over the world then you do not have to worry to locate resources only locally. The wealth services encompass different services which target specially to the clients with high-net worth. Since many of the businesses themselves require a lot of investment and regular money to keep on working, the banks and other investment firms require such high source of potential clients. These clients are being authenticated based on their current position in the market, the kind of service they are providing, the net worth and other acknowledgeable assets. Thus, you are benefitted from businesses unknown to you and also of high income.

The wealth services also provide you safety from the volatile conditions with risk aversion and capital shifting to safer currency such as dollar. They have strong connections with different businesses which readily welcome such funds.

The succession problems are also taken care of with separate portfolios for those who are being considered for the job. All of the responsible entities are suitably advised for the most opportunistic deals in their regions, risk aversion, philanthropy and other advantages. Thus, each portfolio is responsible for their growth and contribution to the overall wealth with type of decision. This all can determine in the end the suitable person for the successive ownership of the wealth.

Toy Store Business Plan Needs To Focus On Relevant Details

Toys will never go out of fashion. The demand for toys will be there as long as there are kids. In short, it’s a business whose demand curve is unlikely to slope downwards. Opening a toy store is a great idea and a well written business plan will ensure what you have in mind is translated into reality. Things that demand intensive focus in the plan are:

Business Summary

It is imperative that you are very clear about what you have in mind right from the onset, giving attention to:

1. Your Area of Interest: ‘Toys’ is a generalized term that encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from entertainment product for kids (stuffed toys, dolls, miniature models of animals, etc.) to digital elements like video games. Be specific about your target audience. Would you want to open a store that caters exclusively to toddlers, kids, young adults, or all three?

2. Your mission: Why do you want to open a toy store? Is profit the sole motive or along with profit, do you really like seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when they get a loved toy?


Your toy store for all intents and purposes is going to face tough competition. Factors like who are your nearest competitors, the market share of your nearest competitors, value added services provided by your competitors, their strength and weakness, and their target market, all these factors should be given careful thought.

Industry Analysis

Not only your business but the industry you operate in also needs assiduous attention. Year-round demand invariably translates into heightened competition.

You need to take into consideration:

– Profit Opportunities: How are you going to make a profit and how long will it take to break even? Can you expect a discount from your supplier which will make it easier for you to pass on the benefit to your customers? Care should be taken while selecting your staff.

– Technology: It is naive to expect the toy industry to remain isolated from the effects of rapid technology changes. With the explosion of personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, games are becoming hi-tech. Be very clear about whether you will be keeping video games machines, game consoles, or PCs in your shop, since those are most likely to draw in both young and adult crowds. Remember that all these machines need big investment. Be very careful and updated of the present and the emerging technologies and the road ahead for your business.

Other Factors

Don’t fail to take legal issues into account. There have been instances where toys had to be recalled since they contained chemicals that posed acute health hazards. Also, pay very close attention to the marketing and sales plan that will deal with the ways and means of reaching your target audience and enticing them to your stores.

Beware Misleading Reviews Can Put Your Online Business on The Wrong Track

A number of retailers who have been researching the site Wholesaledeals have come across rumors that the site is a scam. This is truly unfortunate for two main reasons – one, these allegations are completely false. They are generated by competitors who have resorted to these rather desperate tactics in order to try and smear the company’s good name. These unscrupulous competitors haven’t been successful in their game plan at all. Why? The answer to this question brings us to the second reason why these false reviews are so far from the truth. The site is actually a very useful and effective tool for online retailers. People who have tried the site can testify to the fact that the ugly smear campaign launched by jealous competitors is based on nothing but outright lies.

Many shady competitors like to use these false scam allegations against Wholesaledeals to hide their own shoddy service and products although this useful directory has nothing to hide. In fact, researchers don’t even have to rely on write-ups and reviews – they are free to take a look at the site for themselves. There are even some features which are available for no charge!

Focused and Effective

The articles and write-ups that talk about a scam hate mentioning the truth about Wholesaledeals. The site has been in the sourcing business for a number of years now and the service is primarily focused on sourcing product deals. There is a rather extensive database of verified suppliers which retailers can use, if they prefer sourcing their own products. The site is mainly focused on scouting through these verified suppliers to find the best deals for its members.

Want to get a better idea of just how they source products? All you have to do is head over to the site and click on one of the newest deals that shows up on their home page. Retailers will get a clear product image, the product’s recommended retail price, and the price that it is selling for on eBay. They can even verify the eBay price by clicking on the ‘verify’ link. That’s not all – retailers will also get information on the product’s markup, gross profit, minimum order requirements, VAT and other tax information as well as where the supplier is located. There is also a product description. All of this can be viewed by anybody, for absolutely no charge. Does this sound like a site that is in the business of running scams? It’s clear that Wholesaledeals is simply focused on sourcing the best deals possible.

The Guarantee

The competition also hates to mention the fact that the site offers a money-back guarantee on its services. The retailer literally has nothing to lose by purchasing a deal tracker with the site. If the supplier quotes a different price than what was advertised, wholesaledeals will gladly step in and try to get the supplier, the price that was quoted.

If this doesn’t work, the retailer gets his money back. What kind of scam operation would give their users a money-back guarantee? Wholesaledeals could actually bring a lot of good to an online business. If you believe the lies that are spread by unscrupulous competitors, you could miss out on a great resource.

Business For Sale? Drive Up The Value!

Anytime that you are considering the sale of a company, you always want to bring in a professional business broker to assist in the transaction. However, before making a sale, remember that the value or your organization rests solely in your hands. There are several techniques that you can implement before hanging up your “business for sale” sign that will drive up your company’s value, making it much more attractive for prospective buyers. While many of these will need to be done before contacting a broker, many will also recommend some of these tips to make things easier on them during the prospecting and sales practice. Solid Leadership Though you may be considering the sale of your company, the management team and senior leadership roles must be maintained at a high level. If the business for sale happens to be a large corporation, these positions must be even more stable than average. Many smaller businesses will be sold with the entrepreneur simply turning over the operation, but any mergers or larger sales must involve solid leadership all around. Keeping Things Streamlined If you feel that a sale may be imminent, remember that keeping a streamlined company goes a long way when other organizations consider acquiring it. Whether we are discussing a purchase or a merger, the importance of keeping a simple operation simple cannot be overstressed.

Any unnecessary debt or operational practices may diminish the value of the company in the eyes of a buyer, as they will have plenty to “fix” once they finalize the purchase. Organization One of the most important elements of a successful company is organization. While there are several things on an operational level that you will want to be sure are in place, the proper maintenance of all necessary paperwork is a must. From all tax records to sales information, the better the organization, the higher the sales value. And, when considering how a broker can quickly find a suitor for a valuable company, any business for sale should have everything together in an organized manner. Building Overall Value For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer. There is a business for sale, and though they have plenty of assets and some enticing value, the operation is a mess and there is no way that the growth can be sustained without a significant overhaul. If you were in their shoes, you would likely find another, highly successful, but more efficient, company to purchase.

It makes sense when you consider that value is built not only on the earning power of an organization but also the prospects for a seamless integration into the buying company. There are several ways to increase the overall value of a company. By taking great care of your paperwork, ensuring that the management team is stable, and keeping all relevant operations trimmed to maximize efficient, you give prospective buyers something to salivate over. And, once you have taken care of the inner workings in preparing for the sale, you can turn process over to a reputable business broker. Having a business for sale can be a stressful venture. Properly prepare for it, bring in all of the necessary professionals, and always efficient at the top of your list, and you’ll be sitting on a hot commodity once the word gets out that you have decided to sell. Once the process begins, your diligence and hard work will make for a quick closing, allowing you to turn your operations over to the purchaser and enjoy the profits that you have rightfully earned.