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No More Sleeping on the Floor

On the Sleep Matters website, I found the perfect bed for my apartment. I moved into my apartment a few months ago without even having a bed to sleep in. I had an old sleeping bag that I was using while I figured out what kind of bed I wanted. I couldn’t decide if I wanted a traditional spring mattress or one of the memory foam mattresses. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go with one of the beds that have their own numbers for sleeping, or if I wanted one that would raise and lower itself like some kind of reclining chair. I didn’t think it would be so hard to pick a simple bed.

After looking the beds and doing a lot of thinking, I came to a decision that I would just stick with the traditional spring mattress. I didn’t need any of the bells and whistles that came with some of the newer beds, and I really didn’t need to get an expensive bed just so I could have the ability to raise and lower it. While it would have been nice to have, it was a little bit outside of my price range and unnecessary.

The bed that I selected was delivered to my home and put in my bedroom. At last I was able to sleep on a real bed and not that sleeping bag like some kind of person that was camping in the woods. Although I finally had a bed, the rest of my room was looking a little barren. There wasn’t any furniture to hold my lamp, nothing for my television, and nothing to store my folded clothes. I don’t have the energy to go furniture hunting right now, so I’ll just wait a little longer to fill out the rest of the room.