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Duty Gloves Can Be Anything From Thin Latex to Reinforced Hand Protecting Leather

Any protection of our hands against accidental injury is a must. We can’t do without the use of our hands. Imagine for just a moment you don’t have the use of your hands. The simplest tasks become impossible if we can’t use our hands to assist us.

Making a cup of coffee would become a virtual impossibility if we didn’t have the use of our hands. So much of what we do uses our hands. Therefore, you can begin to see the importance of protecting our hands from injury. Hand injuries can take months to heal and in some cases, badly damaged hands can end up deformed or permanently disabled. If your work demands you wear duty gloves, then it would be prudent to follow the advice and guidance and get yourself some high quality ones.

There are many excellent makes of duty gloves by some very well known brands. 5.11 Tactical, Uncle Mikes, Franklin and Under Armour all do duty gloves of very high standard and specification. There are heat resistant and fire retardant gloves for firefighters and some very good basic duty gloves for police officers. If you want specific protection against knife injury from stabbing and slashing, then you can get gloves that contain high level of Kevlar. Some of the 5.11 tactical gloves have a special lining called Spectra, which is actually tougher than steel or Kevlar!

There are generally three types of duty gloves, namely:

– General Duty (no protection)

– Cut Resistant

– Puncture Resistant

– Hipora Liners

Possibly one of the most hazardous jobs is that of the firefighter. They need full dexterity and very good grip when in the midst of fighting a fire. Duty gloves that fulfill all of their requirements would need to be not only excellent quality but offer them protection and full range of movement without any loss of grip. Step forward the firefighter duty glove range by Glove Corporation. On many of their gloves, they have split cowhide leather palms, soft elk for dexterity with cowhide for durability. The leather used is tanned for additional water resistance. To top that the gloves contain Sentinel that is a blood born pathogen barrier!

Even with all of the protection and additional technology added to many duty gloves the prices are very good. There really is no point in taking a chance with any kind of hand injury and you should avoid it if possible. The right gloves will certainly put you in the zone of protection that will guard against serious injury. Your hands are probably one of the most important areas of your body to protect so don’t leave the protection to chance. Get yourself some good quality duty gloves and stay safe.

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