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What’s The Key To Success In Business? Successful Millionaires Know The Magic Ingredient

Ever wondered what the ‘magic ingredient’ for making money might be?

Multi-millionaire, Barbara Corcoran, has her own answer to that question.

A $1,000 loan from a boyfriend and quitting her job as a waitress, was all it took for her to get started.

Now she’s one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the United States, and she’s done it all doing what she loves.

From that small loan, Barbara raised a small real estate firm from the ground and eventually sold it for over $66 million.

Most importantly, she enjoyed every step of the ride.

“I loved every minute of it and I think that was the magic ingredient,” she says.

Barbara is one of 12 self-made millionaires from around the world that I’ve interviewed – and they all said a similar thing: do what you love!

Barbara’s thrived on a life of work – and has made her work her life. The two have intertwined into a point of assimilation. She put herself into a position to enjoy her working hours and squeeze the kind of pleasures out of work that are an asset to the truly successful and truly happy.

“When you’re in something that doesn’t feel like work, it feels like play,” says Barbara. “For me, all it was was socializing with people. I loved being around people, meeting new people, laughing, being out in the street, not having to be locked behind a desk all day.”

Try to corner your business market and your money-making aspirations, as she did, by first getting a leg up on making yourself happy.

Find a job that you love doing, that you look forward to escaping to every day, that you can dump your passion and energy into, and excel at it. Mix your hobbies with your occupation, and a desire to make money, and success will come to you.

If you’re putting energy into something you enjoy, and making the most of it, as Barbara asks, “Why would you not succeed?”