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Lifestyle Design – How to Be Positive Using ABCDE Method

It is quite challenging to build your lifestyle design and undergo significant changes in your life. For an instance, you left your long time career as a military officer and venture in a small business. This change is quite tough to handle that is why you need coping methods that are effective enough to get you back on track. These methods are used to face the challenges related to significant changes as well as in executing your preferred lifestyle design.

One of the established coping methods that you can use to maintain constructive and optimistic thoughts is the ABCDE. This method is effective if you are contemplating or going through the changes in your life. It can also be used if you are moving ahead with your lifestyle design or you just want to find ways to have a fulfilling and happy life.

How to Use ABCDE Method

One of the most influential methods to attain your lifestyle design is to maintain an optimistic outlook about personal challenges and significant changes in your life. Your feelings and your thoughts directly influence your actions as well as the results. In connection with this, it is important to train your mind in order to enhance your capacity to have positive attitude and obtain optimism in greater levels.

ABCDE method by Martin Seligman is simple but an effective tool for your mind. It is used to interrupt destructive and negative thoughts because they affect your positive attitude. So every time a negative thought tries to test your optimism, you can use the subsequent mental steps:

– A for adversity. You need to describe the challenging and adverse occasions that you encountered in the past or encountering at the moment.

– B for beliefs. Be aware and recognize your destructive and instinctive negative thoughts or beliefs that are related to your situation.

– C for consequences. Recognize your behaviors and emotions that resulted from your destructive beliefs.

– D for disputation. Identify some evidence why your destructive beliefs are not correct. You can also generate more useful and positive alternative beliefs.

– E for Energize. Now that your negative or destructive beliefs are disputed, you can now feel the fresh energy from your empowering sentiments and transform them into constructive and positive behavior.

In general, maintaining a positive or optimistic outlook is very simple such as remembering your ABCDE. Aside from this method, there are other practical techniques on lifestyle design that you can use in order to have a better life.

E-cigarette And Cold Turkey Method: A Perfect Duo For Quitting Smoking

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