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Merchant Accounts – The Personal Credit Effect

A Merchant account is essentially a line of credit so it’s not surprising that a principal’s personal credit standing is an important consideration during the application process. While credit is an important factor in the merchant account application, it doesn’t have the same effect as it would on a conventional line of credit or loan application.

With merchant accounts, a principal’s personal credit standing will affect the application process in one of three ways. If the principal’s credit is very poor, the merchant account application will likely be declined. If the principal’s credit standing is marginal, the merchant account may be approved if the merchant agrees to stipulations such as a rolling reserve or an ACH delay. If the principal’s credit score is good, the account will be approved so long as all other details are in order.

Personal credit mainly impacts a merchant account during the application process where it’s considered with other criteria to calculate the risk associated with a new account. After the application process is complete, processing activity is used to measure risk associated with an account. Personal credit does not affect the rates and fees of a merchant account. A merchant with outstanding credit would get an account with the same rates and fees as a merchant with weak credit; assuming the merchant with weak credit is approved.

Personal credit standing will not cause you to lose a merchant account that you already have. Once you get a merchant account and begin to process credit cards, processors use your processing history as a benchmark, not the principal’s personal credit status.

While personal credit doesn’t directly impact the rates and fees of a merchant account, it can indirectly impact the overall cost and operation of the account if a rolling reserve or ACH delay is required due to weak credit. If a the personal credit of the principal signer on a merchant account has weak credit a processor may require an ACH delay or rolling reserve in order to mitigate the higher perceived risk of the account due to the principal’s credit standing.

When you’re researching providers and applying for a merchant account, be honest about your personal credit standing, even if you don’t have the best score. While researching providers, being upfront about your credit status will ensure that you don’t waste time considering providers that may not be able t get you approved. Processors have varying credit tolerances. Some will be able to work with merchants with less than perfect credit while some are more stringent about credit requirements.

If poor personal credit is stopping you from getting a merchant account there are things that you can do to get around the credit hurdle. The first and most popular way of getting a merchant account with poor credit is to have someone with better credit act as a co-signer on the merchant account. In this case the processor will consider the personal credit of the co-signer on the merchant account application instead of the personal credit of the principal.

Another way to get a merchant account if you have less than perfect personal credit is to allow processors to impose ACH delays or rolling reserves on the account. Both of these stipulations can be removed after a satisfactory processing record has been established. Sometimes ACH Delays and rolling reserves are not an option if personal credit is exceptionally poor or if tax liens or collections are an issue.

Freelance Is The Key To Financial Freedom And Having More Personal Time

There are many people who prefer to have the stability and the benefits that a job gives, however it also bounds the true creativity that an individual craves in their lives. There are many successful and qualified professionals that have stepped beyond their personal zone of comfort to achieve the true freedom through Freelance. The allure of freedom is some thing that everyone in this world desires but it is the lack of job security that puts off many professionals pave their way into this zone. The best way to arm yourself is by finding out the intricate details of change that are needed by each and every individual before they make a change in their lives. Freedom is not the only thing that makes people change their path, but also the possibility that people can change higher fee for the same amount of work that a regular employee gets paid monthly. Also they do not have to pay equal amount of taxes compared to a regular day job. Freelance allows people to take home up to 85 % of the contract value compared to 65 % of an employee. The control over the times of work become extremely flexible and professionals can devote time to a specific project accordingly.

People also have to realize the down sides of Freelance, when they tread into this domain. They have to realize the fact that they will not have medical or health coverage that a regular job has to provide according to law. They will also not be privy to other employee benefits like a paid vacation and they will have to manage their personal time accordingly to finish a specific contract they have taken up. At a job, people are generally given a notice if they are asked to leave the job which is not applicable in this path. When Clients do not require the services of the contractor, they simply end the project according to the part of the agreement. However, people can also pick up new contracts easily to replace the jobs they might have lost to due to any reason.

This is the most flexible path a profession can walk that allows them the time to learn new skills to acquire better projects within their field. Better the skills get in time, more the possibility of getting a better paying contract in the future. It will also allow you to cut down on the time you put into you work and free up you schedule for other things in life.

7 Reasons You Should Not Host Your Business Website On Personal Computer

If you rephrase the question and ask is it possible to host my business website on my computer, the answer would be yes.

If you are asking from technical point of view you can, but should you?


There are a lot of problems associated with hosting your website on your computer. If you host your web site on your computer, visitors would have to connect directly to your computer to see your website and that’s not a good idea.

* It would not be secure. Internet is full of threats and unless you spend a fortune your computer would always be vulnerable to all kinds of threats. Security problems are sometimes found in server software, and these can be exploited to gain access to or damage your files. Your computer must be kept absolutely up to date. That is a daunting task. * If you want your site to be available on 24 hour basis, your computer needs constantly connected to the Internet. Your machine would be working day and night. This puts more strain on your bandwidth. * It might appear to but it will not save you money. Rather it may cost more in the long run. * It won’t save you time. Apart from building your business, you would also need to maintain your server. * You would need to learn a lot about working of a server and things like DNS, web server setup, security, debugging problems, logs, patching the server software. I think you should put that time in use to grow your business. * If anything breaks, it is your own responsibility to find the problem and fix it. And meanwhile your site would be down. * You would need to monitor your server all the time. You cannot leave for a project and then come back to find that your site is not working.

Remember! You came into this business because you wish to make a wealthy future and become independent enough to get out of that job routine rut. There is no point in starting a venture that would eat all your time and put you in a constant job again.

You started your business because you wish more time for yourself and your family.

Web hosting companies are professional in this and it is good for your business that you host your site with a hosting company. For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy a good hosting without any attached headaches.

The best reason to host your web site at home is to learn how does it work but for your business it is important to learn marketing skills rather than how a server functions.

Leave that to the geeks. Host your site with a hosting company and concentrate on your business.

Become a Reliable Seller With The Help of Bii Personal Licence

These aspects could be all interior as well as outside variables, brand name, the product or the services supplied by the venture and so on. One could take the benefit of BII personal permit training program to discover some excellent abilities to manage all the essential elements. All the crucial points connected to the business are covered in the permit training.

These aspects could be all inner as well as exterior variables, brand name, the product or the services supplied by the business and so on. One could take the benefit of BII personal permit training program to find out some excellent abilities to take care of all the vital aspects. BII personal training program is legitimately accountable to nearly all the industry training credentials, guidance such as beverages certification, customer service, specialist barpersons certifications, personal permit training and so on. All the essential points associated to the business are covered in the certificate training.