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Neways Revealed

The Neways network marketing company is dedicated to helping preserve the environment whilst providing natural products that will help everyone who uses them to enjoy health and beauty. They have banned many ingredients from being used in their product range to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Of particular interest is their Max Flash Technology which is seen as one of the most innovative food science advancements in 50 years. When using traditional bottling methods, liquids are heated and held at elevated temperatures until they are bottled. So effectively the heat of the liquid is sanitizing the bottle. Instead of that the Max Fresh by Neways will make use of containers and bottles that are already sterilized, the liquid is then cold filled rather than being heated for a prolonged period of time. The result is better tasting products. This is carried out at their state of the art production plants in California.

The company produces personal care products, skin care, household cleaning products and also juices.

Neways sell their products in thirty countries worldwide and they also estimate that they have more than 500,000 distributors, the company started in 1992 and their headquarters are based in Springville, Utah. The company was taken over and purchased in 1996 by Golden gate Capital. There is a great leadership team behind the company, Scott St Clair is CEO and has a strong financial/accounting background with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Chris Crump is Chief Legal Counsel and Jennifer Wolbers is VP of sales & marketing. Before you join any network marketing company you should check out the leadership, good leadership is essential if the company is going to be around for the long haul.

This company is registered with the Direct Selling Association and they also have their own scientific advisory board continually developing new products.

The business opportunity

You can earn an income through the Neways hybrid compensation plan, they claim its one of the most lucrative in the industry and it can be if you are willing to put in some serious work. 50% payouts are possible with Neways and they have a Multiplex & Affinity profit centers to earn through. The Affinity center is going to earn you money from the sales that your team under you makes, allowing you to develop a residual income which is by far the most powerful aspect of network marketing , Multiplex will allow you to earn income up front from selling products.

There’s also a car bonus system for those who qualify further up the pay plan. The same as with any business in this industry its essential that you are able to sell products and recruit new people into your downline. Regardless of what anyone might tell you, a big income probably isn’t going to happen overnight either. It will take CONSISTENT DEDICATION to reach the point of financial and time freedom that we are all in this industry to achieve.

The biggest problem in this business is lead poverty. So many distributors are relying only on their warm market, or worse still are cold calling or trying to prospect strangers! Whilst prospecting your warm market can work, it’s not ideal. It’s essential that you find a way to bring in new leads every day to your business.