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Telescript- A New Call Center Software Product

Call center software products have created an evolution in the way they function to offer best customer service for any business. One such software that has been designed to play a major role in the call center management is Telescript. It is described as CRM software, which will be efficient enough in increasing the productivity, effectiveness and the efficiency of the contact centers.

Shaped to be vastly flexible, the telescript software enables a user to tailor nearly any kind of calling campaigns to gather all your specific call center needs. Some of the key features of the software include:

Scripting capabilities:

Take for instance; your aim is to enter a new market with a service or product. In this regard, the telescript will be helping your agents to contact a client or a prospect to learn exactly what questions to ask so as to produce an appointment or close a sale or a new lead. As and when the prospect responds, the answers will get recorded for the future work. An email, invoice or fax can then be immediately generated and then sent out. This will instantly confirm the conversation and also set up a time to follow up.

A telescript can easily manage any kind of a campaign including multi-level sales campaign, inbound call center telemarketing campaign and others. This new software identifies scripting as one important transaction management tool, which ensures the proper storage of data. With the graphic scripting capabilities of Telescript, you can even decide upon images, sounds and logos that can be better utilized.


With the growing business competition, it is very essential to make use of the most efficient techniques and tools available. With the powerful CRM software solution, you can propel your business forward. The software enables to customize marketing research, sales and other types of telephone work in order to fit into your basic requirements. It doesn’t include fixed fields, limits and screens placing you in control thereby enabling you to feel, look and design the technical aspects of any campaign.


Being a CRM solution, the telescript can almost multiply the productivity. For an inbound set up, the software links to your own phone switch. It can pop the records of the callers and thereby scripts before the calls get answered. For handling of the outbound calls, it brings about a range of other features. These include super dialing, phone dialer, predictive dialing systems and the switch dialer can easily double the productivity.

Open Database Design:

One of the most powerful innovations of telescript is the open database design. When most of the call center systems are generally built on single database platform, it is telescript that enables customers to choose from the number of the database types including Oracle, SQL, ODBC and Access complaint databases. It not only stores information but also retrieves it from a user selectable database.

Real Time Reporting:

With this advancement, you can continuously assess on how your business campaign progresses, offering you a distinct competitive advantage. It brings you real time reports and updates, displaying the information on the call center sales, team, agent, contact rates, dialing rates and more. The software includes more than 25 built in reports, which analyze all features of a call center.

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